Using Colors in the Garden

When designing a garden, it is important to choose the colors first. Many people love to add dark colors to their garden while others prefer light colors. However, getting the balance right between light and dark colors is the key to make your garden look unique and attractive.

It is a good idea to use different colors for different areas of the garden. If you are planning on having some shaded areas in your garden then it is best to place light-colored plants in that segment of your garden instead of having dark ones. You can consider many different light colors like light yellow, light pink, pale blue and can also use white colored plants. Light-colored plants can brighten up the shaded area of your garden but it does not mean that you can’t use plants of darker color. There is always room for some dark-colored plants that fit perfectly with the light-colored plants, resulting in an attractive looking garden.


For patches of your garden that are to remain sunny, it is always a good idea to have dark colors colored plants and flowers. Dark-colored flowers look much attractive in the sunlight and enhance the beauty of your garden. Plants or flowers having red, purple, bright yellow colors would be perfect. Keep purple colored plants with orange ones while combine yellow with red, yellow with orange and orange with blue. You can come up with many different combinations of dark-colored plants to give your garden an attractive look.


For gardens with large spaces, it is best to plant bright colored flowers as they can attract attention and fill out the space more effectively. Bright colors can give a festive feel to your garden and make it more eye-catching.

It is important to ascertain how the garden is going to look in the morning, middle of the day and at night before you get to the part of choosing colored plants for the garden. Some colors look more soothing and eye catching in the morning while others look better at night so make a perfect combination of colors for your garden so that it looks beautiful all day long.

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