Your Edible Garden and You

These days, the trend for growing edible gardens is in great vogue. Edible garden has plants that provide us with edible items. Cucumbers, egg plants, tomatoes, basil or mint are a few examples. I know you’d like to try starting your own edible garden but don’t have the supplies. You have probably searched your home inside out trying to put together tools for the job.

Even I want to grow an edible garden. There are a number of reasons due to which I prefer growing edible plants over growing flowering plants.

  • Flowering plants look beautiful whereas edible plants look beautiful and can be eaten too.
  • Growing edible plants supply me with my favorite herbs and vegetables and I know that my vegetables and herbs are fresh.
  • I do not need a big space. I can start with a few pots and containers or a small patch of land.
  • I enjoy playing with sand and taking care of my plants.
  • Each new leaf and flower is like an achievement.


If you want your very own garden, start the planning today. Decide on the space and the type of plants you prefer. You can have beds on the ground or prepare a raised bed. You can grow plants in pots and place them in balconies, on roof tops, in courtyards or on shelves. Enough sunlight and access to a water point will be good for your plants.

Happy gardening!

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