Tricks & Tips to Reduce Your Mowing Time

Mowing can be a real hassle, especially if you are located in a climate that really encourages fast growing grass. Today we are here to help with some mowing tips and tricks to ensure you spend less time mowing and more time enjoying the things you love (surfing?). So for those who don’t have a fancy ZTR mower and don’t won’t spend time reading all the reviews, here is our guide:

  1. Make sure you cross over lines – What we mean here is that when you mow a line and then turn back to mow the next line, make sure that there is some overlap between the previous line and the new line. This is mean you have an even cut for the whole lawn.
  2. Set a comfortable height – Let’s face it, as much as you want it to be the case your lawn just can’t be a putting green. So make sure that when you set the height of your mower, you set it just above the root of the grass stem. This will mean the grass is not damaged from the mowing and you won’t have to replace it every season.
  3. Avoid the wet – It’s not a good idea to jump out and mow when the grass is wet. This is result in not only a bad level cut, but could also damage the mower as the blades will be clogged with all the grass. You will have to constantly stop the mowing and clean out the blades and this will add immense amounts of time to your mowing.
  4. Turn up the shady – No, not the slim shady, but the height of your mower level in shady or less exposed areas to the sun. Grass that is located in shady areas will have a harder time growing, and it’s important to give this grass more of a fighting chance.

There you go, that’s a our top four tips to speeding up your mowing time. We have a few more tips up our selves that we can share with you, but we will save these for another article. However, a sneak peak; make sure you check the lawn after the mow, it’s recommended to mow in both directions, attempt to avoid scalping your grass, and try to avoid harsh corners.

That’s all for now, but until next time folks, happy gardening and please leave your mowing tips in the comments section below.

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