Jason Kay - blogger from Garden In A CityPlants are part of nature and nature always attracts you. I have always loved to grow plants. Even as a child I loved to spend the bulk of my time in our small backyard where we had many plants and flowers. My name is Paul Elliot and I have done Masters in Botany. I am very creative in nature and spend most of my time in my garden, growing new plants and coming up with new ways to decorate my garden. I am so much in love with my garden that all of my friends call me crazy.

I live in New York with my family and have a very large and beautiful garden at the back of my home. If not working in my garden, I love to travel and to collect varieties of plants so that I can grow them in my garden. I have a large collection of many beautiful and exotic plants in my garden which I have collected from various parts of the world. I am most happy when I am in my garden as gardening is my passion and I love to take care of plants.

The idea behind the creation of this website is to inculcate love and affection in the hearts of people about gardening. Anyone who has a sensitive heart loves and appreciates greenery, plants and flowers but there aren’t many people who truly care about them. This is something that I want to communicate to the people through this website. I wanted to spread awareness about gardening and how amazing it can be and since in this modern era the best to reach out to people is through the internet, I decided to have my own website where I can develop the interest of the people in gardening.

My botanical garden is home to a wide range of flowers. I have also planted many varieties of fruits and vegetables in my garden and I love to see them grow with each passing day. The plants and flowers that I have planted are growing with me and I am very happy to be a part of their lives. In my bid to improve my gardening skills, I visit different blogs and websites related to gardening to learn something new from their articles and experiences and try to implement them in my garden. This is the same thing that I want for my visitors that they can learn something about gardening from my website. People who already have a garden of their own are most welcome to share their experiences and learn something new from my website.

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